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Servercrib goes to great lengths to make sure that our Club members receive the best products, support, and value in the industry. It is because of this commitment that we adopted the Club membership model to ensure that you have access to the templates, extensions, and resources you need to make your Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, Magento and/or your custom site shine.


Personal Membership

Use this membership if you just started with Joomla, wordpress or other CMS and you have basically 1 project to work.

  • No Access to all Premium Themes
  • No Access to commercial extensions
  • No Access to quickstart packages
  • 1 Time custom template request
  • 1 Year Limited hosting plan
  • 1 Domain name
  • 1 Month Support
  • No Sample Data Included
  • No discount on renewal
  • No access to image Files
Developers Membership

Use this membership if your clients are a developer and you plan to build many projects on the run.

  • Limited Access to Premium Themes
  • Access to quickstart packages
  • Access to commercial extensions
  • 1 Year Free Unlimited web hosting
  • 2 Free Domain names
  • 2 Times custom template request
  • 3 Months Support
  • Sample Data Included
  • 10% discount on renewal
  • Access to image Files
Premium Membership

Use this membership if your clients are knocking everyday on your door and you plan to build many projects on the run.

  • Unimited Access to all Premium Themes
  • Access to quickstart packages
  • Access to commercial extensions
  • 1 Year Free Unlimited web hosting
  • 3 Free Domain names
  • 3 Times custom template request
  • 6 Months Support
  • Sample Data Included
  • 20% discount on renewal
  • Access to image Files
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Servercrib offers cPanel interface to hosting account owners. The cPanel & WHM ecosystem spans hundreds of developers, thousands of hosting providers, and millions of domains around the world, powered by a two-pronged web hosting and automation dashboard. cPanel is not just a tool, it's software that empowers an industry. Feel free to test the demos and see how it looks.


cPanel Demos
free online shopping website
Apart from offering wide variety of free downloadable website templates and extensions for leading open source CMS, Servecrib also provide free custom development services like online shopping system, Education Management Systems, Financial Management Systems and other mega structural applications for club members.



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Free search engine optimisation (SEO)
More than 76% of all local searches are made over the Internet via smartphones and tablets. An optimized presence in online directories and Google is indispensable. Servercrib ListLocal offers you the optimal way for new and existing customers to find your up-to-date business information. It only takes a few clicks, and your website will be develop with the highest SEO standard!


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Softaculous banner Softaculous is integrated into ServerCrib's cPanel and can be installed into cPanel in just 2 minutes. Softaculous is tightly integrated with cPanel and our users can access 387 apps. Softaculous takes care of the complete lifecycle of the application from install to backup to update, so get your project started now! Every successful business person has been in the same position as you. They had their idea and they had the know-how, all they needed to do was to say “YES!” and get started on building their business. Don't put it off any longer. It's time to take the next step and start building the business that you've always wanted. Get started today and see how we can project you to the global market with our smart applications Get Started!
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Free responsive customised website banner
Whether you are just starting out, or are looking for a package that meets the needs of your popular website, our brand new web hosting packages are filled with the features businesses like yours need to succeed online.We have customised websites just for you! All you need to do is to make a request or join the club membership and we will build that your dream website just for free! Our cloud-based hosting gives you fast and reliable service to keep your website up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with lightning-fast speed and unlimited bandwidth.Plenty of storage space gives your business the room to expand, and all packages come with at least one database, letting you run software like WordPress, e-commerce, galleries, and more. And with an easy-to-use control panel and 100% support at hand, you can build the website you've always wanted. Flexible, powerful, and ready to go, our web hosting plans are perfect for businesses large and small.
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